Elevate Legally is a comprehensive, holistic wellness company designed to reignite purpose and create harmonious lifestyles for high-achieving, women lawyers.

This is where you will unapologetically release the emotional baggage carried for too long and discover inner peace and purpose for the life you deserve. Unearth the deepest desires and elevate with the strategies, resources, and tools you need to transition into a well-balanced existence of Sacred Living. 

Lerae Funderburg, Esq. Legal Wellness Coach

Your Life's Fulfillment Begins Here

In our fast-paced profession, every day is a marathon that demands our constant attention, while the need to slow down and take care of ourselves intensifies. Elevate Legally guides you through the process of nurturing life-changing habits to develop the necessary skills required to advance within or outside of your professions and throughout your life.

Learn holistic healing techniques to alleviate stress, engage in physical practices to strengthen the mind and body, and acquire healthy eating habits to extend your longevity.

Begin Your Sacred Life—

A consciously designed existence that promotes health, happiness, and excitement. 

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Personalized Scientific Self-Care Program for Professional Women

  • Initial Assessment

  •  Sacred Wellness Audit

  •  Wellness Plan

  •  Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited Email Access

The Sacred Living Program

In the Sacred Living Program, you'll consciously design a euphoric existence grounded in a dynamic balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Sacred Living is for the woman who is ready to show up with intention and commit to doing the life-changing work. You’ll begin with an initial assessment that will be implemented in your Sacred Wellness Audit.

We’ll devise a 12-week plan based on the core areas of your life requiring immediate attention. Throughout your coaching period, we’ll meet weekly for one hour in addition to unlimited email access between sessions. All coaching participants enter group coaching enrollment on a gratis basis for (3) months. It’s never too late— creating the Sacred Life you deserve begins here.

The Mother Wound Detox Program

Are you struggling with feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy?
Are you suffering from fears of abandonment or rejection?
Do you have difficulty trusting others and forming meaningful relationships? If all of these issues stem from a mother-daughter relationship, this is where you'll put an end to the toxic cycles and release the trauma.

Over 12 weeks, you'll experience a life-changing series of one-on-one sessions and group workshops with a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing the trauma that has held you back for far too long.


Holistic Program Designed for Black Women To Release Emotional Baggage & Build A Better Life

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Group Workshops

  • Mental, Physical, Emotional Restoration

  • Holistic Wellness Practices & Techniques


Personalized Luxury Retreats

  • Luxury Accommodations
  • Life Coaching
  • Meditation & Sound Therapy
  • Self-Care Treatments
  • Sacred Wellness Strategies

1-on-1 Luxury Retreats

Experience luxury accommodations as you delve into the journey of becoming the highest version of your authentic self. Gain clarity, control, and congruence in your life as you begin the transformation to vibrate on a higher frequency. You’ll engage in life coaching sessions, align your chakras, and replenish your energy through meditation, Reiki, and sound therapy.

We’ll implement strategies and tactics to create the blueprint for your renewed Sacred Life, with the stability to maintain its vitality going forward. You will also receive group coaching enrollment on a gratis basis for (3) months. Begin designing a life of wellness that feels effortless and register for your 1-on-1 luxury retreat now!

Get To Know Lerae

I'm Lerae Funderburg, Esq., a wellness coach and lawyer partnering with overwhelmed, high-achieving women who want to feel better in all of life's dimensions. I help my clients shift the energy in their mind, body, relationships, and careers to a place of harmonic equilibrium.

Through Elevate Legally, I've curated an online community of like-minded women where you can grow your network, find wellness experts that best fit your needs, and master new strategies and skills to take your law practice to the next level.

Lerae Funderburg, Esq. Legal Wellness Coach
Client Reviews

Lerae was an amazing fit for me as a Health Coach. The most helpful part of working with her as my coach was being held accountable in a very safe, non-judgmental, and caring way. 

I started seeing her with a lot of confusion, fear, and anxiety and felt like I just needed support to help get me out of my head and moving on tackling my thoughts and moving forward with my goals. Through her expert guidance and helping keeping me accountable it has allowed me to reframe those internal thoughts and align myself with my vision. I’m so happy to report that just by working with her one-on-one I’ve seen great improvements in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for all you do and for your kindness, grace and humor. 

— Marwa K, Dubai, UAE
Client Reviews

I'm a credentialed woman, wife and full-time mother of three. Over the years, my family has become my singular focus to the extent that I did loose myself. The problem for me was inside. More and more, I was feeling unmotivated, unsatisfied, stuck and altogether not myself. I had been open and inching toward this moment for a couple of years when Lerae circled into my life.  I was so ready for it, yet had no idea what it would look like. 

In short,  Lerae has become my soul helper. With her safe, gentle, knowledgeable and direct guidance to exploring and understanding self, I am beginning the process of recognizing, reconciling, and reclaiming those muted parts of me.  I am gaining tools that resonate and therefore have the quality of sticking with me as I walk through my interactions and intentions from day to day. I feel free in our conversations; I feel fully heard, understood and championed all at the same time. Lerae delivers compassion, encouragement, instruction and wit. She celebrates your tiny tweaks and pushes you to extend upon them. 

I am learning so much, am feeling more agile, more confident, and more compassionate.  I am walking into my better self.

— Jennifer S., Massachusetts
Client Reviews

Lerae and I have known each other for over 20 years. So I knew working with her would push me to be accountable on the goals that I had set on my journey. I was a bit nervous about the judgment because despite knowing each other, we didn't know each other on that level.

From the beginning, our meetings have been welcoming and warm. She created a tone that allowed me to speak freely- no judgment. We had great conversations that led to great breakthroughs. Nothing is forced. It was up to me to work on what I need to work on. Lerae was there to guide me and provide help where I needed it. I loved how casual and flexible our meetings were. These past 12 weeks have been amazing! I've created new everlasting habits that are keeping me on track to reach my goals. I have a different perspective on life and how to deal with people and situations. I'm trying new things that I normally wouldn't do- I started painting, and finally made steps towards buying a home. The methods that Lerae taught me made me a happier person in general. And that has changed the world around me. I have met more people and had meaningful conversations with complete strangers. Some of which opened doors for me. The love around me has magnified! And best of all, we brought our friendship to a deeper level. I now have someone I can talk to who really understands me. I would highly recommend Lerae to anyone!

- Natacha Atey

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