The Mother Wound Detox
A Holistic Program Designed for Black Women to Release Emotional Baggage and Build a Better Life

The Mother Wound Detox is a revolutionary program specifically curated to help you heal your mother wound and improve the overall quality of your life.


This personalized program combines holistic healing tools and techniques with progressive research on the mother-daughter relationship to address and heal all aspects of your being.

Experience a series of one-on-one sessions and group workshops with a comprehensive approach to healing the trauma that has held you back for far too long.

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What Is The Mother Wound?

The “Mother Wound” is a term used to describe the emotional pain and unresolved trauma that you may experience as a result of the relationship you have with your mother, especially when she was critical of you, un-nurturing, neglectful, or didn’t provide you with unconditional love.

  • Are you struggling with feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy?
  • Are you suffering from fears of abandonment or rejection?
  • Do you have difficulty trusting others and forming meaningful relationships?
  • Do you constantly engage in negative self-talk and self-criticism?
  • Do you participate in self-sabotaging behaviors or patterns of self-destructive behavior?

While it likely demonstrated itself most in your childhood, the wounds you have continue into adulthood as you play out negative patterns that arose from this dysfunctional relationship.

Stop the Cycle and Start Healing
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Many of us in the Black community are afraid to admit that the Mother Wound is a reality for us.

A lot of us grew up in a household where our mothers were our only parent or guardian, and even though they may have not been “motherly”, they were there when our fathers had already physically abandoned us. 

The Black woman is synonymous with struggle and we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Knowing that and how our mothers likely did the best that they could with what they had, has left daughters in a state of turmoil.


The Trauma Of The Mother Wound

We have either ignored the issues that resulted from the relationship or pretended they didn’t exist, simply to honor and respect the woman who birthed us.

But in doing that, we’ve caused ourselves more harm than good, suffering from:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, anger, or rejection
  • Difficulty creating and maintaining boundaries
  • Struggles with regulating emotions, which may lead to mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety
  • Self-sabotage
  • Fear of abandonment or rejection
  • Trouble trusting others
  • Low self-esteem
  • Feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth
  • Negative self-talk or self-criticism
  • Lack of a sense of belonging
  • Grief for the mother-child bond you never had

Fortunately, there is hope for you. You no longer have to suffer from the emotional (and physical) damage that resulted from that relationship. You can live a more happy, harmonious, and wholesome life.

Take the First Step Towards Healing
Whether you're just beginning to explore your mother wound or have been struggling with it for years, we’re here to guide you through the healing process with compassion and skill.

Together, we’ll utilize a range of therapeutic and holistic practices, including sound therapy, energy healing, talk therapy, journaling, meditation, and more to help you find the healing path that is right for you.

Start Your Healing From The Mother Wound

As a part of the program, we’ll help you address the root causes of your pain and provide practical tools to help you overcome it, including how to:

  • Identify and understand certain patterns and behaviors that contribute to the Mother Wound
  • Recognize your attachment style and how it affects the different relationships in your life
  • Develop healthy ways to manage your emotions and triggers
  • Cultivate self-love and self-compassion so that you can replace any feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness
  • Create and enforce healthy boundaries with your mother and other women in your life
  • Techniques for building trusting and loving relationships with others (including your mother)
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Integrate healing into your daily life through certain practices

Release the past that is no longer serving you, build a community with those who understand where you're coming from, and create an intentional environment to truly begin your healing journey.

Start The Journey To Healing Your Mother Wound - $1,111

Healing Is A Journey, Not A Destination.

After the program, you’ll receive ongoing support and guidance to ensure you’re equipped with the tools and support you need to continue the growth and healing journey.

Don't allow the Mother Wound to hold you back any longer. 

Invest in yourself and your future with my transformational program. 

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