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balance facing fears glow up greatness Aug 03, 2022

A really great coach will get your brain to thinking in ways you never considered and opens portals to things deep inside of you that you never knew existed. 

I experienced this wholeheartedly the other day in my coaching session when my coach asked me about being great. She wanted to know what that looked like, if I had achieved greatness, what were some things I did to become great along that way, and how might I inspire that same greatness in others.

Initially I had no response, but as I put myself in the position of greatness and imagined what that really felt like to me and what I would have had to conquer or achieve to get there. Then the words began to flow.

My blueprint for greatness:

#1 Always be true to yourself.

Even the most well-intentioned human beings you encounter have their own agendas for your life, because to some degree we’re all inherently selfish. And while we would love to see you win, we would also love to reap the benefits (however slight or small they may be). With that in mind, do you, boo. If someone else’s visions or desires for you are in direct alignment with what you actually want for your life, then great, but don’t allow yourself to be moved in a direction that was not a part of your journey, no matter how tempting it may sound. Your path was designed especially for you, and if you veer off track, you may find yourself lost or at a roadblock. Stay your course and trust the process.

#2 Test the limits.

Sometimes you will get a “NO” on the way to where you’re trying to go. Other times, there will be obstacles in your way. I’m sure you’ve experienced enough of life right now to know that things don’t always go according to plan. But, when this happens, don’t be so quick to devise a new plan, just find an alternate route to the same destination. Explore the boundaries, see if they can be moved. Don’t just take “NO” for an answer. Determine what’s necessary to turn that “no” into a “yes” or a strong “maybe”. For every wall you encounter, give it a push – you never know, it just might crumble.

#3 Don’t be afraid to take risks.

True personal growth, development and freedom comes from the ability to take risks. When you’re stuck in a place of comfort, complacency becomes the norm, and you end up waking up at 65 wondering where all the time went and what you did with your life. It happens more than you think, but it’s not going to happen to you. Because you are taking risks in life…calculated ones of course. Think it through, but don’t think yourself out of acting. If it’s come up for you more than once as a move you should make, just do it. And if fear is holding you back, I have just the thing for that. Pull out a pen and paper and write out the goal you desire to achieve, the fear that is holding you back, and all the worst-case scenarios that could happen if you faced your fears. Now, when creating these worst-case scenarios, come up with resolutions for them. How would you resolve this problem if it happened right now? And keep going, don’t stop until you have poured out all the worst possible situations that could result from you taking this risk. Look at this list – bet it’s not so bad after all. I bet 80% of the scenarios would never even happen and the 20% that might, can be resolved without much backlash. Spend less time aggrandizing your fears and more time working through them.

**Mic drops.

Now, go, be great!

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