5 Ways to Say 'I Love You' this Valentine's Day

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There are many ways to express love to your partner other than actually saying the words "I love you", although I’m certain your partner never tires of hearing it. Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship for a long while (yay! Congrats on standing the test of time), the fire may die down and that feeling you used to get, of your heart pounding with the excitement of being with your significant other is not felt nearly as often, if even at all. So, how do we get back that love, passion and warm feeling that wraps around us and penetrates our thoughts in the beginning of a relationship?


Well, they say actions speak louder than words, so here are some acts of love to share with your partner in hopes to reignite that flame with them:


1. Flirt: You know that thing you did heavily before you two became an item. Whip out the flirt, sis. This is a light-hearted seduction with the intent of conveying love! Why not send a sexy text message or email while you are at work? This reminds him that you are thinking about him and that you still want him. It also increases the intensity of love so that you actually look forward to seeing each other when you return home from work.

2. Candles: Light a few candles and enjoy quality time at home. This is a good one. Simple but the benefits are plentiful. Scented candles give off an aroma that creates a vibe. Dim the lights and the firelight twinkling sets the stage for an intimate encounter, whether it be titillating conversation or bedroom behavior.

3. Food: It is said that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.” And for the fellas out there, I know you know the same is true for women. We don’t even show up as our best selves if food isn’t involved. You can show your love and affection by setting up a surprise dinner for two at home. Or go out to eat. It does not need to be fancy, but the effort will show how much you care.

4. Love Letters: Why not leave a love note for your loved one? This can be posted in the bathroom or kitchen before you leave the house. You could also leave a nice love poem under the pillow so that your partner finds this at night before bedtime or first thing in the morning. Or send a handwritten love letter to their work. This is a meaningful gesture that your partner is sure to cherish, and the note will be a keepsake that fuels the fire every time one stumbles across it.  

5. Get Away: Who doesn’t love a quick getaway? There can be a lot of distractions in your love life, such as work or children. Sometimes you need to unplug from it all and tap into you. Luckily, there are many short vacations available for the weekend or even just for a day. You can arrange a trip to a day spa or a hotel so that you are in a different environment than usual; this way you can both relax and concentrate on each other.

Using the five techniques above to show your significant other just how much you truly love them will certainly spice up your love life, strengthen your relationship, and keep you and your partner happy for years to come!




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